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Zhejiang Fuyang Paper Enterprises Joint Initiative to Be a Practitioner of Water Control

The sun is scorching, and the workers of Fulun Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. are stepping up the laying of new sewage pipes. After the project is completed, part of the treated sewage can be recycled and reused. Chairman Yang Jun told reporters that doing so can not only improve the utilization rate of wastewater, but also reduce the amount of sewage discharged.The paper industry is a pillar industry in Fuyang, and some "low-level, small and scattered" paper companies have weak awareness of environmental protection, which is the focus and difficulty of the next step of governance. On the 14th, initiated by the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Fuyang City, Zhejiang Province, dozens of people's congress representatives from Fuyang City and townships gathered on the banks of the Fuchun River to jointly launch the initiative of "beautiful Fuyang water control first". Among them, 19 are local paper mills boss."Start from me, be the leader in water control in the paper industry, and make the Fuchun River clear." Yang Jun said, this also represents the common aspirations of more than 200 paper mills in Fuyang. The production scale of Fulun Enterprises has been expanding, but the water consumption has continued to decrease. At the same time, they actively promote clean production and card sewage discharge, and the investment in sewage equipment has also been increasing. His company is willing to set an example for Fuyang's paper industry.Last month, the blackening of Dayuan River in Fuyang was exposed, which aroused great concern from the local party committee and government.This month, the reporter followed the person in charge of the Standing Committee of the Fuyang Municipal People's Congress to investigate the water quality of the three Fuchun River tributaries of the Yangpu River, Dayuan River, and Xiaoyuan River. The black water phenomenon that occurred last month has been alleviated to a certain extent. The white foam is also reduced a lot.

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