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In Yantai, Shandong Province, the forestry output value will be 90 billion within 2 years, and the economic forest will reach 4.5 million mu

To build a beautiful Yantai, our city will add "new weight". The "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Forestry Industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions") issued by Yantai City, Shandong Province recently proposed that by 2015, the city's economic forest area will reach 4.5 million mu, and 150 new demonstration parks and bases above the municipal level will be built. There are 50 forestry industry leading enterprises above the national level, and 50 forestry professional demonstration cooperatives. The total output value of the forestry industry in the city has reached more than 90 billion yuan.The planting area of ​​seedlings and flowers is 100,000 muThe opinion puts forward that our city will regard the seedling and flower industry as the top priority of the forestry industry. Carry out the inventory, preservation and utilization of seedling and flower germplasm resources, and build the city's seedling and flower germplasm resource bank and forest tree breeding base. Strengthen and support the construction of seedling bases for fruit trees, greening, and materials, guide and promote the seedling raising and planting of oil peony, sorbifolium, and pistachio, introduce and cultivate famous, special and high-quality new flower varieties, and encourage and support the development of bonsai flower industries such as rose and Phalaenopsis . By 2015, the city's seedling and flower planting area will reach more than 100,000 mu, including 15 demonstration bases with an area of ​​more than 500 mu.Strengthen the deep processing of economic forests and products. In the advantageous fruit growing areas such as apples, grapes, and big cherries, adjust the planting structure and accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading. In traditional planting areas of woody grains and oils such as walnuts, chestnuts, and persimmons, carry out technological transformation and update varieties to improve planting efficiency and radiate to accelerate the development of surrounding areas. Promote the cultivation technology of emerging industries and promote the development of emerging industries such as blueberries, figs, mulberries, and tea. Support the cultivation of leading forest product processing enterprises with good growth and strong driving ability, and promote the construction of fresh-keeping air-conditioned warehouses and cold-air warehouses. By 2015, 80 planting demonstration bases above the municipal level will be built, and the rate of improved varieties of main economic forest varieties will reach 100%.Create 2 forest parks above the provincial levelAccording to the plan, our city will combine the construction of the national timber strategic reserve base, take overall consideration of the ecological construction of mountains and hills, the ecological protection of water systems, and the greening and beautification of villages and towns. Promote the development of fast-growing and high-yield timber forests and rare timber forests such as catalpa in the forest network, Jiaodong water line, coastline, and floodplain. Introduce and cultivate leading wood product processing enterprises with high technology content, high comprehensive utilization rate, and good economic benefits, and comprehensive utilization enterprises that use "three leftovers", secondary small fuelwood and waste wood materials as raw materials. By 2015, 30,000 mu of various timber forests will be newly developed. At the same time, dig deep into the connotation of forest culture, develop characteristic forest eco-tourism, and build a forest eco-cultural system with prominent themes and rich content. By 2015, 2 forest parks above the provincial level and 2 wetland parks will be established.In terms of under-forest economy and wild animal domestication, our city proposes that, under the premise of not changing the use of forest land and not affecting ecological functions, in combination with natural conditions and forest land conditions, make full use of the advantages of resources and space such as economic forests, timber forests, and public welfare forests, and develop according to local conditions The economical and three-dimensional forest planting and breeding industries such as forest fungus, forest medicine, forest poultry, forest livestock, etc., realize short-term profit and long-term forest. Combining with underforest economy to make full use of existing wild animals

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