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Digital publishing advances into the book market and will account for 40% of the market

With the rise of new media, more and more people choose electronic reading and online reading. In order to adapt to the changes in the public's reading habits, in 2015, emerging technology industries such as digital publishing, e-books, and mobile newspapers in Yunnan Province are expected to account for more than 40% of the province's entire publishing market. According to the Press and Publication Bureau of Yunnan Province, bookstores will be encouraged to enrich their varieties and improve their business channels based on the requirement of variety richness. At the same time, strengthen policy guidance and financial support, so that bookstores can realize structural transformation and strength improvement in response to the impact of online bookstores and the needs of the masses.The real-name application for ISBN is too slowThe adjustment process will be completed within a week"The application period for the real-name ISBN application is too long, which is very inconvenient." In the practice of deepening the mass line education, the Press and Publication Bureau of Yunnan Province promptly sorted out and rectified the relevant work procedures based on the issues raised by the publishing units during the solicitation of opinions. Adjustment, starting from August 5th, the Book Publishing Management Office will adjust the work of accepting real-name applications for book numbers from once a week to twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the process will be completed within 7 working days from the date of acceptance. This improves work efficiency and service quality.In addition, a green channel has been opened to provide convenience for the declaration of high-quality reading materials that the common people really like. At present, the series of reading materials of the "Chinese Dream" primary school, junior high school and high school editions are already in the process of planning and publishing. Publishing is ahead of the curve.In response to the demands of the masses to increase the crackdown on fake news, paid news, and various illegal publications. The Press and Publication Bureau of Yunnan Province responded that it will strengthen the supervision of news and publication activities and the publication market in the near future, do a good job in the work of "anti-pornography and anti-illegal activities", establish and improve a long-term mechanism, carry out special operations against various illegal publications, and vigorously purify the publication market , to give the masses a satisfactory explanation.Lack of declarations and books at border portsIt's good to build a big electronic screenDuring the investigation of the promotion of mass line education and practice activities, it was found that the cultural infrastructure in remote border areas is still very weak, and the landing points for the construction of rural bookstores and public cultural service systems are still at the administrative level. There are not even newsstands at several border ports and passages, and ordinary people cannot buy newspapers with money.According to a survey report on the reading situation of Yunnan residents from 2010 to 2011, urban residents spend about 28 yuan a year on newspaper reading, but in rural areas, it is only a few cents per person on average, and if there is no unit or collective subscription There are no newspapers at all. So the lack of reading material on the frontier becomes a very real problem.The Press and Publication Bureau of Yunnan Province started building farmhouse bookstores in 2007, and a total of 14,260 bookstores were built by June last year, realizing full coverage of administrative villages. Recently, according to the difficulty of reading and reading newspapers reported by the people in remote areas with inconvenient transportation, the construction of satellite digital farmhouse bookstores has been vigorously promoted, and 2016 satellite digital farmhouse bookstores have been built on a pilot basis in Kunming City, Diqing Prefecture, and Dehong Prefecture. The bookstore has the characteristics of fast transmission, large capacity, and multimedia, and has been well received by the local rural people after its completion.Currently, farmers

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